World Peace Mission

Just as the whole world watched that first step on the moon, the falling of the Berlin Wall and other the whole world can watch with anticipation, each new peace accord, country by country, until World Peace is declared. I invite you to support our Ambassadors of Peace in campaign to declare yourself committed to World Peace. One person can make a difference.



We invite you to participate in creating a world without armed conflict : A World at Peace with our “Ambassadors of Goodwill for Peace”.


Welcome to Wolrd Peace Mission

It is our duty when we come to earth as a human being to spend time, diligence and respect making the journey home to our essential selves at the heart of our being. We need strength, purpose and wisdom not to be waylaid with the fervour of our animal excitements. As the human being consciously steps onto the path of union with his soul being, so he turns his back on the terror and waywardness of life.


We invite you to participate in creating a world without armed conflict : A World at Peace with our “Ambassadors of Goodwill for Peace”.


Our Mission

To held conferences, symposium and seminar on world peace. To provide free help to poor, helpless and oppressed people's. IT training for youth leaders. promoting international exchange and Co-operation programs in seeking for justice and peace. Providing support  and opportunities for students to learn about volunteers from aboard and co-operation with organization in there countries.


OUR Projects

The proposed project has been design to reach its best outputs, and the management strategy has developed for better implementation, supervision and monitoring of the project. World Peace Mission believes qualitative and superlative management system. Project officer will be responsible for overall implementation of the project at field level as well as management level. He will also ensure targeted job description and responsibility of the other staff of the project like supervisor, outreach worker peer educator and supervisor. Project officer will keep contact with Executive Director to report and share his achievements. Executive Director will responsible for all connection with Donor and NGO Affairs Bureau Involving with the Project...


Be A Volunteer

If you wish to be a volunteer of World Peace Mission, please download the form, fill it and send it to the following email address or mail its printed copy to the following mailing address:


Dhaka Sadar
P.O. No: 1105
Dhaka - 1100, Bangladesh


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